Fire Safety Responsibility

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Fire Safety Responsibility

Management staff are required to comply with applicable local, state, and federal guidelines, standards, and regulations to help ensure safe operation of a healthcare facility. Additional responsibilities include:
  • Implementing a safety program that includes a thorough and comprehensive fire prevention plan
  • Providing initial training and at least annual review of the fire protection plan
  • Performing at least annual audits to uncover potential fire safety hazards and help ensure that fire-fighting equipment, alarms, and evacuation procedures are appropriate and ready for a fire emergency
The responsibility to provide a safe work environment does NOT stop at the management level. ALL healthcare associates are required to follow facility-specific procedures designed to reduce that potential for a fire-related emergency. At a minimum, these safe work practices include:
  • Active participation in safety training and fire drills
  • Identification of potential fire hazards and immediate reporting to management staff or safety officer