Responding to Sexual Harassment

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Responding to Sexual Harassment

If sexual harassment occurs, there are guidelines that you can follow as employees, in order to appropriately respond to the situation. Along with utilizing these simple guidelines, following your facility's policies and procedures is important.
You, the employee, should:
  • Tell the harasser that the conduct is unwelcome, offensive, and must stop immediately.
  • Demonstrate that the conduct is unwelcome by walking away, avoiding interaction and using appropriate facial expression and body language.
  • Report behavior to immediate supervisor, Human Resources, or appropriate member of management, or as defined by the Company’s anti-harassment policy.
Your supervisor should:
  • Listen actively. Allow complainant to tell his/her story.
  • Keep parties separate. He or she should never force a confrontation between complaining employee and alleged harasser. He or she should not put the complainant back to work with the alleged harasser.
  • Supervisors must notify the Human Resources department or other appropriate member of management as soon as possible, as defined by the company's anti-harassment policy.