Ignoring the Importance of Diversity Doesn't Work

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Ignoring the Importance of Diversity Doesn't Work

In the workplace, ignoring diversity does everyone a disservice. Employees of all genders, ages, cultures, orientations, etc. should feel included. Most employees have a need for membership in a group with which they can identify and in which they feel accepted. When individuals are excluded from a group, they may feel resentment, withdrawal, and even a negative self-image or lack of confidence. If employees feel isolated and/or misunderstood, it can result in a loss of faith in the facility for a successful future. This often causes a loss of interest in their job and, ultimately, a loss of organizational loyalty. Losing talented employees due to a lack of diversity is bad for business on so many levels.

Making and supporting plans to enhance workplace diversity is a good strategy to avoid the negative consequences of ignoring the importance of diversity. As a healthcare employee, buy-in from you and your team members is crucial for a diversity program's success. Ignoring diversity guidelines and practices causes harm to your employer and your team members. Diversity is here to stay and the working population will grow continually diverse with time. It makes sense to learn and respect the diverse dimensions in one another now, in order to add to the sense of inclusion in your workplace and prevent personal barriers when working with others in the future.