Benefits of Workplace Diversity in Healthcare Settings

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Benefits of Workplace Diversity in Healthcare Settings

Hopefully, you've now learned how important diversity is in the healthcare setting and how many benefits can be enjoyed when embracing diversity practices. To recap, the following list displays some of the many potential benefits of diversity that we've discussed in this course.
Promoting workforce diversity can:
  • Improve employee morale 
  • Improve corporate culture 
  • Allow facilities to better care for diverse patient populations
  • Increase retention of employees 
  • Allow for better recruitment of employees 
  • Build a more qualified healthcare team
  • Decrease complaints  and lawsuits
  • Decrease interpersonal clashes between employees 
  • Increase employee productivity with one's ability to bring "full self" to work
  • Increases creative problem solving
  • Increases innovative ideas
No matter what your role is, or what similarities or difference you have with your coworkers, everyone deserves to feel a sense of inclusion at their workplace. People do their best work when they can be themselves. Work hard, on both a leadership and employee level, to embrace diversity practices and enjoy the successful outcomes that can be reaped from a diversified team.