Laundry/Linen Dos and Don'ts

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Laundry/Linen Dos and Don'ts

There is a low risk of transmitting an infectious disease from soiled laundry/linens, but the hands of healthcare workers may become contaminated by contact with patient bed linens. Hygienic practices should be in place for handling and storing clean linen, as well as processing and storing soiled laundry. These practices include:

  • Clean linen should be kept covered at all times.
  • Soiled linen should be placed in designated linen bags (eg, blue soiled linen bags).
  • Wear gloves and other appropriate PPE when handling soiled laundry.
  • Avoid contact of one’s own body/personal clothing with soiled laundry.
  • Do not mix soiled linen with sharps or biohazardous (red bag) waste.
  • Only linen should be placed down a linen chute.