Security Measures Checklist

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Security Measures Checklist

The following is the security measures checklist recommended by OSHA:
Does the workplace have: In Place Should Add  Doesn't Apply  Notes/ Follow-Up Action 
Physical barriers (plexiglass partitions, bullet-resistant customer window, etc.)?        
Security cameras or closed-circuit TV in high-risk areas?         
Panic buttons?         
Alarm systems?         
Metal detectors?         
Security screening device?         
Door locks?         
Internal telephone system to contact emergency assistance?         
Telephones with an outside line programmed for 911?        
Two-way radios, pagers, or cellular telephones?         
Security mirrors (eg, convex mirrors)?         
Secured entry (eg, "buzzers")?         
Personal alarm devices?         
"Drop safes" to limit the amount of cash on hand?         
Broken windows repaired promptly?         
Security systems, locks, etc. tested on regular basis and repaired promptly when necessary?