Risk Factor Checklist

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Risk Factor Checklist

OSHA has created and recommends using a Risk Factor Checklist. If your facility has identified having any of the following risk factors, there is a potential for violence:
Do employees have contact with the public?       
Do they exchange money with the public?       
Do they work alone?       
Do they work late at night or during early morning hours?       
Is the workplace often understaffed?       
Is the workplace located in an area with a high crime rate?      
Do employees enter areas with a high crime rate?       
Do they have a mobile workplace (patrol vehicle, work van, etc.)?       
Do they deliver passengers or goods?      
Do employees perform jobs that might put them in conflict with others?       
Do they ever perform duties that could upset people (deny benefits, confiscate property, terminate child custody, etc.)?      
Do they deal with people known or suspected of having a history of violence?       
Do any employees or supervisors have a history of assault, verbal abuse, harassment, or other threatening behavior?       
Other risk factors - please describe: