Implementation of an Analytical Instrument

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Implementation of an Analytical Instrument

Once an instrument has been selected and purchased, the final step is implementation into the laboratory. A plan for that process is important for successful implementation of the analyzer. The table below is an outline of a plan for implementation.
A Plan for Implementing a New Analytical Instrument
Appoint an implementation committee
  • Supervisor
  • Senior Tech
  • Bench Tech
  • Coding Expert
Perform a Method Validation for all tests to be performed on the new instrument
  • Technical Supervisor of the Section
  • Senior Tech
  • Vendors
Develop the QC Plan
  • Determine:
    • QC company
    • Control parameters
    • Reference interval
    • Critical values
    • Reflex testing
    • Auto verification
    • Delta checks
Establish proficiency testing program
  • Protocol to follow
  • Rotation of techs
Develop SOPs for the instrument
  • Instrument Operation Procedure
  • Establish Maintenance SOPs
  • Place method procedures including QC protocol in the procedure manual
  • Senior tech training with vendor
  • Operator training
Supply needs
  • Ordering
  • Inventory management
  • Storage
Perform the LIS connectivity → Electronic patient record within laboratory organization
  • Establish staffing needs
    • Determine if new staffing is needed
    • Perform training
    • Schedule staffing
Institutional communication
  • Providers
  • Nurses
  • Nursing station clerks
Establish proper coding with accounts receivable
To perfom a proper and successful implementation requires careful planning and a commitment by all persons affected by the new instrument. If a plan is carefully constructed in an orderly process, there will be less technical and communication issues and those that do arise will be able to be solved in an efficient manner.
It is important to have the right people involved in the implementation process from the laboratory supervisor to the institution and/or laboratory's coding expert.