Capability Violations

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Capability Violations

The accuracy and safety of patient testing depends on the capability and honesty of clinical laboratory personnel.

If an individual's ability to perform testing is influenced by illness, injury, drug use (legal and illegal), or alcohol use, he or she may no longer practice. The Board can order a doctor's exam to determine if illness, injury, drugs, or alcohol is a factor. The individual can get his / her license back after recovery and proving that the condition is no longer a problem.

If an individual commits a crime in any state relating to matters of honesty (such as filing false reports or advertising false services), that individual's Florida license may be suspended.

Licensed personnel are required to report an individual to the Board if they know that he/she is practicing despite being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, being physically or mentally incapable, being incompetent to perform his/her duties, or despite having been convicted of a lab-related crime.
The following are violations of Board rules:
  • Continuing to practice after becoming unable to safely perform testing due to illness or use of alcohol or drugs, or another mental or physical condition.
  • Continuing to practice after being judged mentally or physically incapable.
  • Being convicted of any crime relating to activities of clinical laboratory science or involving dishonesty or lack of morals.
  • Failing to report to the Board that one has been convicted of a crime (as listed above), been judged mentally or physically incapable, or had a licensed revoked in another state.
  • Knowingly allowing an unqualified person to perform clinical laboratory duties.