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Injury Prevention: Good Laboratory Practice

The nature of the work performed in histology can expose personnel to many different types of safety hazards. It is for this reason that laboratory staff remain constantly aware of potential risks. Each laboratory employee is required to abide by the policies and procedures and report unsafe conditions to management.
Staff can help protect themselves by:
  • Remaining aware of their surroundings
  • Having the knowledge of how to best handle hazards or avoid them if at all possible
  • Understanding and utilizing the necessary engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) available
Laboratory policies should address exposure control to infectious material, waste management, and personnel protection. A first aid kit should be available and within easy reach of laboratory personnel. In addition:
  • NO food or drink is allowed in the laboratory area
  • NO cosmetics or lip balm should be applied or stored in work areas
  • Laboratory accidents must be reported to and documented by the laboratory supervisor
  • Work benches and instruments should be disinfected routinely with a 10% bleach solution or approved disinfectant