Who Must Receive Training?

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Who Must Receive Training?

According to federal and international regulations, all personnel who are involved in the packaging and shipping of hazardous materials (eg, infectious materials and dry ice) are required to have training. Only persons who have been properly trained can legally participate in any aspect of the transport of hazardous materials. This includes anyone who:

  • Packages, labels, and/or marks the package
  • Is responsible for classifying the materials
  • Is responsible for documenting the package contents on a shipper's declaration for dangerous goods form, air waybill, etc.
  • Signs a shipper's declaration
  • Transports hazardous materials by vehicle, plane, or vessel
If you perform any of these duties, you are classified as a HazMat employee and must receive training.
Category B infectious substance training
The training that is required for individuals who package and ship only category B infectious substances is not as comprehensive as the training required for individuals who may package and ship category A infectious substances.
If you are only responsible for packaging and shipping category B materials, your training requirement is limited to packaging category B infectious substances or exempt specimens, appropriate to the organization that oversees the mode of transport used to deliver those packages, ie, DOT, ICAO/IATA, and/or USPS.