Employee Performance Evaluation

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Employee Performance Evaluation

It is important that job-related performance standards be established for each position in the laboratory. The standards should be distinctly stated and clearly communicated (both in writing and verbally) so that the employee fully understands what is expected.
It is also important to remember that when performing an employee performance evaluation, an individual's performance must only be compared to the established performance standard.
If the employee's performance falls below an established performance standard, it should be clearly articulated to the employee what he/she needs to improve to meet the standard. The supervisor should then meet with the employee at established intervals to discuss whether the employee is making progress toward meeting the established standard.
In addition, it is important that supervisors understand how to conduct and properly document an evaluation. Documentation, however, should not be limited just to the annual or biannual evaluation review. Performance issues involving any and all employees should be documented regularly.
Administration should apply policies consistently to all employees and in all situations; avoid inconsistent enforcement.
Authorities should ensure that all personnel documentation is reviewed only by those individuals who have a recognized, professional "need to know." The review process is not to be a means for someone to publicly embarrass an employee.