Fatal Flaws and Correctable Flaws

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Fatal Flaws and Correctable Flaws

Fatal Flaws
It is important to remember that the following are fatal flaws and can cause the specimen not to be tested:
  1. The number on the Custody and Control Form (CCF) and the security strips do not match.
  2. The security strip/tape on the specimen vial is broken or shows evidence of tampering.
  3. The quantity of urine required is not sufficient.
  4. The collector’s printed name and signature in Step 4 of the CCF are omitted.
  5. A CCF is submitted to the testing facility without an accompanying specimen.
  6. A specimen is submitted to the testing facility without an accompanying CCF.
  7. Two separate collections were performed and only one CCF was submitted (eg, specimens from a donor’s unobserved and observed collection are submitted using only one CCF for both).
Correctable Flaws
The following are flaws that may be corrected by either sending a signed statement or a Memorandum for Record to the testing facility:
  1. The collector printed his or her name, but forgot to sign the CCF.
  2. The collector checked the temperature of the specimen, but forgot to note this fact on the CCF (eg, marking the "YES" box in Step 2 on the CCF).