Indwelling Catheter and External Urine Bag

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Indwelling Catheter and External Urine Bag

A donor with an indwelling catheter may urinate directly into a collection container.
If the donor has an external urine bag:
  • Ask the donor to empty his or her bag in the privacy of the restroom.
  • Show the empty bag to the collector.
  • Drink sufficient fluids to provide the required amount of urine.
  • Have the donor empty the bag into a collection container in the privacy of a restroom.
When collecting urine from a donor with a urine bag, the temperature of the specimen is not a critical factor. The collector should at all times make every effort to avoid any embarrassment to the donor. The donor may request a same gender collector and that the collection be done in a clinical setting. The donor's request should be honored if at all possible, provided the collection meets regulatory requirements and it can be accomplished within a reasonable time frame.