Steps for Typical Urine Collection

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Steps for Typical Urine Collection

  1. After a positive identification has been made, invite the donor into the area where the collection will be conducted. Be pleasant, but professional. Introduce yourself and generally explain the collection procedure. Be prepared to accommodate donors who do not speak English. Never argue with the donor or be judgmental. Always remember that you are a professional. Conduct yourself in that manner.
  2. Ask the donor to remove any unnecessary outer clothing, such as a coat, jacket, hat, etc., and to leave any briefcase, purse, or other personal belongings with the outer clothing. The donor may retain his or her wallet. If the donor asks for a receipt for any belongings left with the collector, the collector must provide one.
  3. Direct the donor to empty his or her pockets and display the items to ensure that no items are present that could be used to adulterate or dilute the specimen or be used as a substitute. If nothing is there, the donor may return the items to his or her pockets.