Distribution of Custody and Control Form (CCF)

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Distribution of Custody and Control Form (CCF)

The CCF consists of the following five copies and should be distributed as follows:
Copy 1. Test Facility Copy - accompanies the specimen to the laboratory
Copy 2. Medical Review Officer Copy - sent to the MRO
Copy 3. Collector Copy - retained by the collector
Copy 4. Employer Copy - sent to the employer
Copy 5. Employee Copy - given to the employee (donor)
Note: The MRO copy (Copy 2) may be faxed to the MRO’s secure fax machine, it may be scanned and the image sent to the MRO’s secure computer, or it may be mailed or sent by courier to the MRO. (It is recommended that the MRO copy be faxed, since it is critical for the MRO to have this document to expeditiously conduct the verification process.) In the case where the MRO copy (Copy 2) is faxed or the scanned image is sent securely to the MRO, the collector or the collection site should maintain the MRO copies together with the collector’s copies for 30 days. Retention is necessary in case the MRO’s copy is lost in the mail or the faxed or scanned copy is not legible and another copy is required by the MRO. The transmission process must be coordinated between the collection site and the MRO to ensure that transmission procedures meet the MRO’s requirements (eg, MROs must provide secure fax numbers to collection sites, some MROs may want hard copies mailed; others may want only faxed copies).