Collector Responsibilities

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Collector Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the collector to use the proper custody and control form for the type of collection being performed, and to make sure that all required pre-printed information on the custody and control form is error free. In addition, the collector must ensure that all documentation entered on the custody and control form during the collection process is accurate and complete.
As collector:
  • You can process only ONE donor at a time.
  • You may not act as the collector for anyone whom you immediately supervise unless no other qualified collector is immediately available.
  • You cannot collect your own urine specimen.
  • You should have appropriate identification available should the donor request it. This identification is limited to your name and the collection company where you work.
  • You are not required to show documentation of training unless requested by a DOT representative, state government representative, or an employer.
  • You should keep a file of the names and telephone numbers of Designated Employer Representatives (DER) to contact about any problems or issues that may arise during the collection process.