Directly Observed Collection, continued

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Directly Observed Collection, continued

After the donor has given the specimen to the collector, the collector must check the box for an observed collection on the Custody and Control form and write in the REMARKS section the name of the "observer" and the reason why an observed collection had to be done.

It is important to remember that if the observer is not the collector, it is the responsibility of the observer to maintain the integrity of the collection process and security of the specimen until it is delivered to the collector. Regardless whether the observer is the collector or not, the observed collection must be performed in a professional manner that minimizes, as much as possible, any discomfort to the donor.

If the collector learns after the donor has been dismissed that a directly observed collection should have been done but was not, it is the responsibility of the collector to notify the employer that the employee must be directed to immediately return to the collection site so that a directly observed collection may be done. More about observed collections later.