Directly Observed Collection

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Directly Observed Collection

The last type of collection is the directly observed collection. In this type of collection both the donor and "observer" enter the collection stall. The observer MUST be the same gender as the donor; there are no exceptions to this requirement.
Observed collections afford less privacy to guard against the donor using items which are designed specifically to beat the testing process. Under the Department of Health and Human Services mandatory guidelines for Federal workplace drug testing, the observer must directly watch the urine go from the donor's body into the collection container. The use of mirrors or video cameras is not permitted.

The observed collection is expanded under the Department of Transportation's 49 CFR § 40. After entering the stall, the observer requests the donor to:
  1. Raise shirt, blouse, dress / skirt as appropriate, above the waist, just above the navel,
  2. Lower clothing and underwear to mid-thigh, and,
  3. Then turn around to show the observer that the donor does not have a prosthetic device.
After the observer has determined that the donor does not have a prosthetic device, the donor is permitted to return clothing to proper position.