CLMA - Hiring Winners Not Losers (Online CE Course)

Katheryn Inglis, MS, MT(ASCP) & Christine Goldman, BS, MT(ASCP)

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CLMA Body of Knowledge Domains: Business and Clinical Operations, Financial Management, Human Resources

Hiring was never meant to be easy. A bad hire is costly and can be 50% to 150% or more of an annual salary. This session will present an organized approach to hiring to save time, ensure you hire qualified individuals for the job, save money in training and retraining, provide a legal safety net, and build an effective team. You will be given the tools to help you build a sound employee base, including: pre-screening tools, a list of interview do's and don'ts and best practices, how to test candidates, and how to get the most out of reference checking.

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Continuing Education Credits

P.A.C.E.® Contact Hours (acceptable for AMT, ASCP, and state recertification): 1 hour(s)
Approved through 6/4/2022


  • Develop pre-screening tools to select job applicants to interview
  • Develop a list of good interview questions specific for each job
  • Develop skills to accurately predict an applicant's job abilities and performance

Course Outline

This course consists of a video presentation, handouts, and a quiz.

Need multiple seats for your university or lab? Get a quote
Business & Clinical Operations

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