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Implementation and Maintenance of Job Descriptions

The business is responsible for providing a comprehensive job description for each employee. The approval and implementation of a job description may include various levels of administrative input and approval. Administrative personnel should be familiar with all regulations regarding required information and approvals required for a job description. The job description should be clear, concise, easy to read and interpret but contain sufficient detail not only for compliance but also to provide appropriate direction for the employee and administration. Specific flexible details such as supervisory personnel, location of position, work hours, etc. are not included in a job description. Information related to hiring and human resources processes will also not be included in the job description, but rather will be available in employee handbooks or human resources policy and procedure.
The business will utilize the job description to provide sufficient detail describing required experience and education to assist in the selection process. The business will use the job description to verify minimum requirements for a candidate considered for a specific position.
At the time of hire, each employee and appropriate management personnel are required to review, acknowledge and sign the job description for the position. The signature of the employee provides documentation of the acceptance of the terms and responsibilities of the position upon hire. In the case of the laboratory, the laboratory director or designee is the appropriate manager for review of employee's job descriptions as required by compliance organization.
The signature sheets are retained for duration of employment and specified period of time post-employment as required by the business, compliance and accreditation organizations, and laws, as appropriate. Proof of review and documentation must also be available at the time of site surveys for review by compliance and accreditation agencies, as appropriate.
Following revision, job descriptions must be reviewed, signed by the employee, management or designee or laboratory director. Documentation is retained for the review and acceptance of the altered conditions of employment.