Observed Collection Scenario #4

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Observed Collection Scenario #4

Scenario 4:
The donor returns from the restroom with a sufficient specimen. It is very warm to the touch. The collector is unable to obtain a reading from the temperature strip.

Collector's response:
The collector completes the collection and prepares the specimen for shipment. The collector explains the situation with a supervisor. If the supervisor concurs that an observed collection is in order, the collector next tells the donor that a new collection will be conducted under direct observation. The collector explains that because the temperature of the specimen was not within the acceptable range (90-100°F/32-38°C) there is suspicion of substitution or adulteration. A new CCF is initiated. The collector marks on the CCF that the collection is observed and notes under Remarks why it is observed. The collector also notes the control number of the suspect collection. The observed specimen along with the suspect specimen are both shipped to the laboratory in separate plastic tamper-resistant bags.