CLMA - Five Easy Pieces: Quality Concepts (Online CE Course)

Lucia Berte, MA, MT (ASCP) SBB, DLM, President, Laboratories Made Better! Edna Parker, MA, MT (ASCP), VP of Laboratory Quality, LabCorp

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CLMA Body of Knowledge Domains: Human Resources, Professional Development, Quality and Safety

Laboratory administrators, from young LAB "wannabes" to veterans, will benefit from this overview of the 10th CLMA Body of Knowledge competency domain: Quality Management for Patient Safety. Beyond QC and QA, laboratory administrators not only need to comprehend this domain's five main elements, but need to fully implement them in an integrated systematic way.

This program will explain the hierarchy of quality elements in this domain and the respective locations on the hierarchy of common and emerging quality practices, such as Lean projects and quality cost analysis. This program will also emphasize the hierarchical relationships and key objective evidence that prove an administrator's mastery of this competency.

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  • Diagram and describe the five levels of the quality hierarchy
  • Appraise your laboratory's status and your personal status with respect to the hierarchy's competencies and tasks
  • Use the hierarchy to organize and plan your laboratory's quality activities

Course Outline

This course consists of a video presentation, handouts, and a quiz.

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Human Resources

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