CLMA - Cultivating a Culture of Quality (Online CE Course)


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CLMA Body of Knowledge Domains: Human Resources, Professional Development, Quality and Safety

This session explores essential attributes to achieving a culture of quality in a laboratory, several of which are required for ISO 15189 conformance. Many organizations establish quality objectives, but true effectiveness requires a commitment to various cultural elements including leadership, a compelling quality policy, expected behaviors and complementary performance metrics and incentives.

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Continuing Education Credits

P.A.C.E.® Contact Hours (acceptable for AMT, ASCP, and state recertification): 1 hour(s)
Approved through 6/4/2022


  • Learn fundamental principles for fostering a culture of quality, including systems thinking, Just CultureTM and Cost of Poor Quality
  • Review an example of a successful quality program, which includes proactive electronic event reporting, employee recognition for quality, director and tech level quality committees, incorporation of ISO 15189 and Lean Six Sigma and QMS heatmaps
  • Describe steps that can be taken to foster a culture of quality in the laboratory

Course Outline

This course consists of a video presentation, handouts, and a quiz.

Need multiple seats for your university or lab? Get a quote
Human Resources

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